Please leave your donations during business hours. If you have a large quantity of items it is recommended to contact us first to make sure we have enough available space. Since we have a small shop we can be limited on storage space at times. When items are left after business hours, we have no control over who may have access to them and the items can be exposed to inclement weather .

You may get up to $500.00 a year write off (IRS filing) for non-profit donations; we can provide you with a receipt when you drop off your items during business hours. Simply request a tax receipt when you drop off your donation.

We do not have a sink or washing machine, so if you can clean your donations before dropping them off, it would be greatly appreciated - otherwise, the staff may not be able to put them out for sale:


Items we Accept:

-We are always in need of your gently-used, saleable clothing, household, and sporting goods.

-Clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, and jewelry for women and men

-Home décor, trinkets, wall art, picture frames

-Unchipped dishes and glassware, utensils, plastic storage, pots and pans, working small appliances

-Sheets, towels, comforters, curtains, fabric, yarn

-Baby items, working toys

-Books (fiction sells best), craft & office supplies, CD’s and DVD’s

-Camping gear, beach/pool items, sporting goods, tools

-Working computers, flat-screen monitors, flat-screen TV’s, cell phones (wipe your hard drive first!), radios, clocks

-Pet supplies such as beds, litter boxes, toys, collars, leashes, small kennels



Items we cannot Accept:

-Food or medicines

-Items that show any sign or smell of mold or mildew (especially clothes and books)

-Items that are corroded or rusted, especially the battery casing on electronics and toys

-Clothes and linens that are stained or torn; items that are broken, missing pieces, or do not work

-Fireworks, fluorescent bulbs, opened bottles of chemicals/cleaners, or anything that requires “hazardous materials” disposal

-CD’s, DVD’s, and videos that are not commercially released    (e.g., something that was burned/recorded onto a blank media)

-Printers, or tube (box-style) TV’s or computer monitors (working flat-screen TV’s and monitors are OK)

-Large furniture, large appliances



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